CT9667 Series – AC Flexible Current Sensor


Product Description


CT9667-01 – AC Flexible Current Sensor , φ100 mm (3.94 in)
CT9667-02 – AC Flexible Current Sensor, φ180 mm (7.09 in)
CT9667-03 – AC Flexible Current Sensor, φ254 mm (10.00 in)

Note: These current sensors may also be used with Hioki power quality analyzers, power meters or Memory HiCorders. CT9667 is a flexible current sensor for measuring large currents. It is not suitable for measuring minute current such as leakage current.


Hioki current sensors are best-in-class devices for use with power meters, PQAs and Memory HiCorders. The CT9667 series are flexible Rogowski type AC sensors comprising of 3 different models in various loop diameter sizes from 100 mm to 254 mm. The 100 mm and 180 mm diameter sensor also feature extra thin cables for easier looping around complicated wiring. All 3 sensors 500 A/5000 A ranges, making them ideal for measuring large load current.

Key Features

  • Thinner cables are easy to use in confined spaces and with complicated wiring (-01, -02)
  • Shaped so that it’s easy to route through complex wiring
  • Easily supports large current measurements up to 5000 A
  • Wide 10 Hz to 20 kHz band with excellent frequency characteristics
  • Choose from three conductor diameter sizes
  • Combine with Hioki power meters or Memory HiCorders (with BNC input terminals)
  • CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V
CT9667-01 CT9667-02 CT9667-03
Rated input current 5000 A AC/ 500 A AC
Max. allowable input 10000 A continuous (45 to 66 Hz, requires derating at frequency)
Bandwidth 10 Hz to 20 kHz (±3dB)
Amplitude and phase accuracy ±2 % rdg. ±0.3 % f.s. (45 to 66 Hz, at center of flexible loop)
Phase: ±1 deg (45 to 66 Hz)
Output voltage 500 mV AC/f.s. (0.1 mV AC/A) at 5000 A range
500 mV AC/f.s. (1 mV AC/A) at 500 A range
Max. rated voltage to earth 1000 V AC (CAT III), 600 V AC (CAT IV)
Core diameter φ 100 mm (3.94 in) φ 180 mm (7.09 in) φ 254 mm (10.00 in)
Output terminal BNC
Operating temperature -25 °C to +65 °C
(-13 °F to 149 °F)
-25 °C to +65 °C
(-13 °F to 149 °F)
-10 °C to +50 °C
(14 °F to 122 °F)
Power supply LR6 (AA) alkaline batteries ×2, Continuous use : 7 days (rated power 35 mVA), or AC adapter 9445-02/-03 (rated power 0.2 VA), or External power supply 5 to 15 V DC (rated power 0.2 VA)
Dust and water resistance Flexible loop only: IP54
* Do not use when wet.
Dimensions and mass Flexible loop cable diameter: φ7.4 mm (0.29 in),
Cable length: Between flexible loop and battery box: 2 m (6.56 ft),
Output cable: 1 m (3.28 ft), Battery box: 35 mm (1.38 in)W × 120.5 mm (4.74 in)H × 34 mm (1.34 in)D, 280 g (9.9 oz)
Flexible loop cable diameter: φ13 mm (0.51 in), Cable length: Between flexible loop and battery box: 2 m (6.56 ft), Output cable: 1 m (3.28 ft)
Accessories LR6 (AA) alkaline batteries ×2, Instruction manual ×1