DDW-120 – Ethernet Extender


Ethernet SHDSL Extender


DDW-120 – Ethernet Extender


The Wolverine series of Ethernet extenders allow cost effective Ethernet networks to be created over long distances, at data rates of up to 15.3 Mbit/s. The SHDSL technology makes it possible to reuse many types of pre-existing coppercables. This can lead to considerable financial savings as expensive fibre cables do not need to be installed. Dependent on cable characteristics, distances up to 15 km (9.3 mi) can be achieved. Configuration of the DDW-120 is performed using only DIP switches, which ensures rapid installation.

The Wolverine DDW-120 is designed for use in heavy duty industrial applications. The wide power range, comprehensive diagnostics and TBU transient protection make it ideal for installation and monitoring in industrial applications.

Only industrial grade components are used which gives the DDW-120 an MTBF of 1.180,000 hours and ensures a long service life. A wide operating temperature range of ?40 to +70?C (?40 to +158?F) can be achieved with no moving parts.The DDW-120 has been tested both by Westermo and external test houses to meet many EMC, isolation, vibration and shock standards, all to the highest levels suitable for heavy industrial environments and rail trackside applications.

The DDW-120 is transparent for multicast addressing and VLAN packets, allows VPN pass-through for IPsec and can be used with protocols like MODBUS/TCP and Profinet IO. Line diagnostics can be collected using a simple plug-in diagnostic cable and DDW-tool allowing the user to determine the quality of the line in use.With DDW-tool it is also possible to simulate real cables with different noise models and characteristics. The link fault forward function helps to transfer indication of media failure onto connected ports to ensure that the DDW-120 can be used in resilient network structures.


Technical Specifications

  • 1 x 2 positon detachable screw terminal, 192 kbit/s to 15,3 Mbit/s
  • 1 x 2.5 mm jack, 115.2 kbit/s