DSMC-100A-2 M1 – Sampling Moire Camera


The sampling moire camera can measure minute displacements of various structures including the depth direction at high speed at multiple points simultaneously with one camera. By using this camera, large-scale infrastructure structures such as bridges can be monitored remotely and without contact. In the future, we can expect to contribute to solving the shortage of human resources, technology, and financial resources, such as improving the efficiency and efficiency of maintenance and renewal of infrastructure, shortening work time and suppressing deterioration of convenience such as traffic restrictions.


DSMC-100A-2 M1 – Sampling Moire Camera

1. Simplified remote XYZ-displacemnet measurement by using camera

This product can measure from a place away from the object to be measured. It is possible to measure even in places where it is difficult to access or install measuring equipment such as under the bridge, river bridges or overpasses, and the convenience does not decrease due to enforcement of traffic restrictions during the measurement period. In addition, we developed a new algorithm and made it possible to measure out-of-plane displacement with one camera, so it can be used in various field environments without limiting the installation location of the device.

* Out-of-plane displacement measurement: Measurement of displacement in the depth direction (line of sight) of the captured image. Previously, more than two cameras were needed.

Example of displacement measurement target with sampling moire camera

(Using a lattice sheet attached to a structure, highly accurate measurement of minute displacements in the XYZ directions including the depth direction)

Deformation display screen image of infrastructure structure

(Highlight deformation and display displacement with color)

2.High-speed shooting (up to 500 fps* or higher) is possible

High-speed shooting of 500 fps or more by DSP* processing inside the camera makes it possible to capture changes in the natural frequency of structures and peak values of dynamic displacement such as bridges and floor slab deflections when high-speed vehicles pass through.

*fps (flame per second): The number of images that can be taken per second.

*DSP (digital signal processor): A processor for digital signal processing.

3.Confirmation of waveform by real-time monitor during measurement

Since the displacement data during measurement can be monitored simultaneously on multiple channels, it is possible to immediately check on-site for abnormalities in recorded data and the current status of structures. Therefore, it is possible to prevent reworking of data processing and analysis, such as redoing measurement work, and perform efficient measurement.

4.Supports continuous measurement for 24 hours or more

The fixed point observation mode that supports long-term continuous monitoring enables long-term unattended measurement. It is also possible to measure the deformation of structures throughout the year and build a remote monitoring system in the event of a disaster.


Model DSMC-100A-2 M1
Resolution 1μm
Measurement frame rate 1fps-500fps
(Depending on the number of processing areas, area size, and exposure time)
Size/Weight Camera body 76(W)×63(H)×121(D)mm (excluding protruding parts such as connectors),
Approx. 850g


Bridge displacement measurement

Vibration test of bridge

Press die displacement measurement

Test specimen tensile test measurement

Displacement measurement of viaduct steel superstructure construction