E10G01 – Accelerometer Module for EVA-625


  • E10G01 Hi g Accelerometer Module for EVA-625


E10G01 – Accelerometer Module for EVA-625


The E10G01 Hi g Accelerometer module for extremely accurate measurement of high g accelerations. High frequency instantaneous accelerations can easily reach several g’s during the tests, while the average acceleration can remain well below 1g. The E10G01 module further extends the unsurpassed functionality & accuracy of the EVA-625. With the module, the EVA can record & analyze not only the high accuracy tri-axial vibration data for all standard measurements with its included 2g accelerometer, but also accurately measure instantaneous & average decelerations associated with safety & buffer tests. It is only necessary to plug in the E10G01 module into the standard accelerometer input, without having to return the instrument for upgrade. PMT continues itscommitment to continuously enhance the EVA system by maintaining its open & extendable architecture.


• Elevator Safety Test Evaluation
• Elevator Buffer Test Evaluation
• +/- 10g Range
• On-Board 6 Pole Filter
• High Resonant Frequency Structure
• Measure Max/Average Acceleration
• High Stability
• Low Noise Floor


Technical Specifications

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