Energy Manager EXT™ Energy Management Software Module Suite



  • Monitor Electrical Power Reliably
  • Perform Advanced Power Quality Analysis
  • Produce Enterprise-Wide Energy Usage Reporting
  • Manage and Reduce Energy Costs
  • Improve System Uptime


Energy Manager EXT™ Energy Management Software Module Suite


The Energy Manager EXT Software Module Suite allows you to gather and report on every aspect of electrical power usage and power quality. The application is designed to be modular, building from base data collection software to a truly comprehensive solution that takes into account every aspect of electrical measurement and control. You can either purchase the entire module suite at one time, or buy more basic modules and add more advanced modules as your metering needs change. All of the software modules share a similar look and feel, and they work together to provide seamless integration and easy training.

The Energy Manager EXT Suite consists of the following modules.


Technical Specifications

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