ETCH01 – Tachometer Module for EVA-625


  • Tachometer Module for EVA-625


ETCH01 – Tachometer Module for EVA-625


PMT has committed itself to the continuous enhancement and refinement of the EVA system. As part of that
commitment, PMT has released the ETCH01 Tachometer Module as a powerful and low cost extension to the EVA-
625 Elevator & Escalator Vibration and Sound Analysis system. This allows the EVA system to accurately measure
and record, or display in real time, direct drive speed measurements for escalator handrails & steps, or elevator doors
(any moving system can be recorded). Although the EVA Vibration Analysis Tools software calculates velocity and
distance in elevator systems without the need of a tachometer, there are times when constantly moving systems such
as escalators must be measured for speed at high precision. When the tachometer module is connected, the EVA-
625 quickly become a potent & easy to use recording tachometer system. A few of the typical applications include:​


• Escalator Step/Handrail Speed Documentation
• Escalator Braking Measurement & Analysis
• Elevator Door Motion Recording
• Elevator Sheave Speed


Technical Specifications

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