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IR Sentinel


Non-Contact Infrared Fever Detection

  • Medical level accuracy +/-0.3°C measure distance between 30cm and 75cm
  • Infrared body temperature detection module, designed and manufactured in Germany
  • Ultrasonic real-time dynamic distance sensor: applicable range from 30cm to 200cm
  • Anti-back-lighting wide dynamic camera, with a read range of 2m
  • 10,000+ database with likeness recognition algorithm*
  • Read speed 0.4 sec
  • Suitable for multi-applications, and two thermometry modes, including precision and fast mode
  • Attendance reports available via local download/PC software download


IR Sentinel


The IR Sentinel is a contactless infrared thermometer that uses a German-made temperature sensor and a wide-angle camera to detect and display people’s temperatures quickly and safely. The IR Sentinel can be placed in any indoor environment to allow for the quick and safe detection of temperature and can be incorporated into automated entry systems, to automatically grant/deny access to people, depending on their temperature.
The IR Sentinel’s interface is fully customizable, allowing you to choose the temperature range as well as the messages the unit provides when an acceptable/unacceptable temperature is detected.

  • Simple to install
  • Easy to use
  • A clear visual indication of the recorded temperature
  • Fully-customizable user-facing interface and data presentation
  • Security and protection provided from one source


Power 100-240V A/C
CPU Rk3288 quad-core 1.8G
Flash EMMC 8GB
Operating System Android
Screen G+G Capacitive touch panel
Camera 2 megapixel HDR camera with backlight
Face Recognition 10,000+ face database, recognition speed: 0.4 sec
Optional for GDPR compliance
Test Distance Medical level accuracy ±0.3˚C 0.5- 0.75m (optimum testing distance is 0.5m between 16˚C – 35˚C)
Backlight White, RGB camera backlight
Dimensions 156mm(W) x 321mm(H) x 37mm(D)
Application Time attendance/ Turnstile/ Door access control
Mounting Wall hanging bracket
Turnstile bracket
Free-standing bracket
Material Aluminum alloy and 304 stainless steel
Other Speaker

Frequently Asked Questions

Can IR Sentinel be powered over Ethernet (PoE)?

How many IR Sentinel units can be connected simultaneously in a single system?
100 dvices to any one PC/server.

Are IR Sentinel’s IP settings user-configurable?
Yes, each IR Sentinel unit may be set for any IP/Subnet/Gateway via the onscreen menu.

Does IR Sentinel support Telnet?

Does IR Sentinel have a password?
Yes, you may set a password for each IR Sentinel device.

Is any information from or to IR Sentinel, stored in the public cloud or accessible by a third-party?
No, all information is located wherever you direct. No access is possible by the manufacturer or chip provider.

Where is my data stored?
GDPR-sensitive data is stored on your PC/server. If used, facial recognition data is stored in an encrypted format on each IR Sentinel device.

How are any upgrades applied to the firmware?
Upgrades are provided as a zip file, which you can upload across via your own network protocols.

Can IR Sentinel show a message that’s unique to my organization/site?
Yes, although we advise you only use one line for clarity

Can IR Sentinel speak a customized welcome/action message?
Yes, a welcome/instructional message and post-reading message is available.

If an unacceptable temperature is read –i.e. a fever is indicated – can IR Sentinel provide a text/voice message for the user?
Yes, a wholly customizable voice/text message is available

Is it possible to display a static GDPR message on IR Sentinel’s screen?
Yes. For example, “This unit does not record or store your image”.

Can IR Sentinel distinguish between staff members and visitors?
Yes, when used in Facial Recognition Mode.

Can IR Sentinel take photographs?
Yes, if configured to do so, and if allowed under relevant GDPR regulations and other rules your organization is subject to.

Can IR Sentinel trigger a third-party entry gate to allow/deny entry?
Yes – IR Sentinel uses an industry-standard connector to allow for quick and easy integration into automated turnstile and entry systems.

I run a site that is open to the general public. Can IR Sentinel act in a generic unspecified individual manner?
Yes, IR Sentinel can simply read any individual’s temperature and allow/deny access

Are there any specific network requirements for cable or protocols?

What operating system is required to run the server software?
Windows 10.