ODW-710-F1 – Fibre Converter


Point-to-Point Fibre Converter PROFIBUS


ODW-710-F1 – Fibre Converter


The ODW-710-F1 has been designed to allow the PROFIBUS DP protocol to be transmitted point to point over a fibre optic link. The design allows the use of a range of Westermo verified SFP (Small Form Pluggable) transceivers which can provide solutions with, for example, only a single fibre or distances up to 120 km.

This unit has been designed for industrial use where the requirement is for a long and reliable service life in a harsh environment. To ensure this reliable operation we manufacture using the highest quality components.

The ODW-710 can be used on all PROFIBUS DP networks to extend the operational network size beyond the normal constraints of the copper cable. All the data rates defined in EN50170 are supported.

The ODW is simple to install being small and with a simple integral DIN rail clip. The standard PROFIBUS DP connector plugs straight onto the 9 pin D-sub and the unit automatically detects the data rate so no configuration is needed.

The comprehensive LEDs provide a quick and easy way of detecting any network problems that may be encountered.


Technical Specifications

  • 1 x PROFIBUS DP 9 600 bit/s ? 12 Mbit/s