PD Coupler



  • Extremely compact size
  • Long expected life
  • Specifically designed for partial discharge measurements


PD Coupler


High performance capacitive PD coupler


Techimp Capacitive PD Couplers offer both the PD and sync signals references, allowing a thorough investigation of the signal originating inside the asset they are connected to.
Techimp Couplers are individually tested according to the following international standards: IEC60358; IEC60694; IEC60270.


TCL couplers contains an internal resistor which provides a suitable dividing ratio @50Hz (as well as 60Hz) for those equipment they require a synchronization signal.
It also holds an internal overvoltage gas suppressor which keeps the output voltage below safety limits even in the presence of spikes and overvoltage transient peak on the bus bars.
Tested at high vibration level in order to assure high reliability under the most severe conditions.
It can be installed in vertical position, upside down and in horizontal position.
Endurance voltage test showed an expected life (at rated voltage) in excess of 106 hours, i.e. larger than the expected life of any device it should be matched to.


Technical Specifications

Please refer to below Datasheet for more details:

ACC07 1nF DATA SHEET [ENG] ? REV.20180603
TCC12 1.2nF DATA SHEET [ENG] ? REV. 20181126
TCC17.5 1nF DATA SHEET [ENG] ? REV.20181126
TCC24 1nF DATA SHEET [ENG] ? REV.20181126