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SF4071/ SF4072 – GENNECT Cross


Free Smartphone and Tablet App Connects to Hioki Instruments – Record Data and Create Reports


SF4071 – GENNECT Cross (Mobile app for iOS)
SF4072 – GENNECT Cross (Mobile app for Android)


GENNECT CROSS is a free app that connects Hioki instruments to your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth wireless technology. Simply pair compatible instruments like to your mobile device to easily record data and create reports.

Key Features

  • Connect instruments to your smart phone or table
  • Save all measured values on your smart phone
  • Use the logging function to save measured values automatically at a set interval
Bluetooth(R) connection Bluetooth(R)
OS which GENNECT Cross can be installed SF4071: iOS 10.0 or later, iPadOS 13.0 or later
SF4072: Android TM 5.0 or later
Measurement data management Local, e-mail / cloud sharingNIT
Report function Various template reports
Picture / Memo recording Ok
Measurement functions General measurement: Ok
Logging: Ok
Pass/Faile judge: Ok
Photo/Drawing with Values Measurement: Ok
Waveform display: CM/DT series, etc.
Battery: BT3554-50 series only
Detect electricity theft: CM3286-50 only
Harmonic measurement: CM/DT series compatible with Z3210, etc.
Lux measurement: FT3425 only
Event Recording: CM/DT series compatible with Z3210, etc.
Vector Measurement: PD3259-50 onlyThe above is an example. For details, please refer to the catalogs and web-sites of compatible products.

Firmware upgrade for measuring instruments: Measurement instruments compatible with Z3210